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#0 - 2010/07/09 11:27:37 PM

Swifty's tips on fighting Hunters as a Warrior, some tips could also apply to other melee classes too.

1) Use one defensive cooldown at a time while being kited to either avoid or reduce the damage. Swifty uses Shield Wall, Shield Block, Enraged Regeneration and other defensive abilities. A good tip to those complaining about "op hunter damage"

2) Hunters often need to combine Disengage with Engineering to maximise their jumping distance.

3) Deterrence has a 1.5 minute cooldown, and is completely useless against unabsorbable (e.g. Chaos Bolt), DoT, and unparryable damage.

4) Hunters are useless in melee range, that is unless they got their escape CDs and traps set up.

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#291 - 2010/07/12 10:34:09 AM
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