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#0 - 2010/07/09 04:09:08 AM
Update: My character copy for my level 80 Warrior just got in! Now taking end-game Warrior questions!

I'll definitely copy over all of my tanks eventually, though. For anyone else in the Beta (I know Commie and Fasc are here), what realm are you guys playing on?


Hi everyone!

As you may (or may not) know, I've recently had the fortune of getting into the Beta. In the spirit of contributing back to the community, I've created this thread to post my own discoveries as well as take feedback and questions from any of you.

I'll be posting anything that catches my eye as I see it, as well as anything in particular that you want me to test (as far as I'm able).

I'm currently still waiting for my Warrior's character copy to resolve, so most of this first post will be whatever I see from level 1 characters.

And with that, let's shove off:

* Hunters definitely no longer need ammo. There isn't even a slot for it anymore.

* Hunters start with a pet at level 1, but they cannot tame more or issue specific commands until level 10. My Goblin started with a Crab.

* The spellbook now lists all possible abilities that you can learn. Abilities that are too high are simply greyed out. Once you're at the right level to learn an ability, the spellbook tell you to "See you class trainer" in a note next to the ability.

* There are no longer any spell ranks. Abilities with base damage amounts simply have those amounts increase as you level up.

* I also noticed that Kill Shot can now be learned at level 35, much earlier than Live's 71. Let me know if there are other abilities you want me to look up, whether for Hunters or any other class.

* There's a nice little "You have reached level x" pop up message whenever you ding.

* The character window has been changed. Instead of two, small tabbed stat displays at the bottom of your character, they now show it to the right of your character, which has the advantage of letting them make it as long as they need it to be. I'll try to capture a screenshot of this later (anyone know a quick, easy place to upload?)

* Making a level 1 Tauren Paladin, I noticed that she starts off with Crusader Strike, and that you can learn Righteous Fury at level 15. Divine Plea is still quite far at level 71 though.

* You can now also make Blood Elf Warriors. Arcane Torrent restores 15 rage.

* Warriors start with SLAM, and not Heroic Strike. Actually, both Heroic Strike and Inner Rage are already listed as "See your trainer", even at level 1, but since the first Warrior trainer can teach me neither, I can't completely confirm if I'm able to or are intended to learn these abilities already.

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#50 - 2010/07/10 06:00:34 AM
I don't want to intrude too much, because the write ups are excellent and I don't want to attract a bunch of unrelated "What is my class going to be like in Cataclysm?" questions, but...

Q u o t e:
Don't encourage thunderclap spam. It needs to go back on a cooldown. It needs to stay the way it is right now on live.

We're not happy with the no cooldown model. We'll try to handle the terror of "streaming adds" in another way.

Q u o t e:
What I am saying is that at present block does not occur nearly often enough to be useful. Whether or not this is intended or a result of rough itemization or a result of a buggy implementation is something I don't know.

Without defense gear any longer and with no block rating on gear, you're probably at ~5% block, which is way too low. We need base block to be higher, but we still haven't fully decided if that's something all characters get or just warriors / paladins, or just tanks, etc.