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#1 - 2011/12/06 03:27:00 PM
Often enough, I have ideas. I am sure I am not the only one, having ideas on how to improve a gaming experience, how to add a little this, or how to add a little that.

Sometimes, one gets ideas while asking something of a GM, and suggest it. The answer is -always- the same. "Take it to the Dev-boards."

When one goes to the forums, one sees only one Dev-board: That of the PTR.
If you ask the GM if that's the one, they tell you no. The regular and general Dev-board, often read by Blizzard Employe's. If you'd descide to post suggestions in the PTR Dev-board, they are often moved to -GENERAL-... confusing, annoying and agitating.

So. Where is this 'general Dev-board'?
And if this board is and will always be the only Dev-board, could you inform the GM's there's only -one- Dev board, or leave suggestions there?
I have seen good suggestions being put in the dev board, to be moved within 10 minutes to General boards, only to be flooded away to page 7 or 8 within 20 minutes, by love-mail about how wonderful transmogrification is, to hate-mail on how annoying gnomes are.

I hope others see my point.

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#2 - 2011/12/07 11:47:00 AM
This forum is for feedback regarding the PTR only. If you have feedback about the live game, including ideas about changes or additions, please use the appropriate forum. If there isn't a dedicated forum for your topic, such as the class, realm, PvP forum etc. then it's fine to use the General forum.

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#14 - 2011/12/07 06:13:00 PM

See what I mean?
That's -exactly- the problem.
I don't even get feedback in a bluepost. REAL feedback.

There -is- no appropriate forum where once there used to be one.

There used to be a Dev-board other then the PTR dev-board before cataclysm and the big overhaul this website got.

General is, and I'll keep my language apropriate here, -not- the place for good idea's to be FLUSHED by unnecessary love/hate-posts and often useless chatter, or a good idea being rifled down by those just wanting to grief, instead of receiving serious feedback, be it from devs or players.
I have seen good questions and good suggestions being flushed by "AMG TRAMSMUG IS SOOO COOL!", if you catch me.

So, for a suggestion to Devs and website managers?

Also open a 'general devs' board, so that those who don't visit the PTR servers -also- can offer -good- suggestions without getting lost in the white noise of general.

You're asking for a special forum where players can share their ideas with the developers — that is precisely the purpose of the existing forums.

We gather constructive player feedback from the various categories and pass it on to the devs, no forum receives priority treatment.

In regards to threads being buried, if you have a good point to make, people will most likely post in it to give their thoughts. There are regularly threads such as this, which are insanely popular. However, by no means does your thread need to be brimming with conversation for us to take notice of it.

07/12/2011 16:35Posted by Volpe
You can't give feedback on something that doesn't currently exist.

Feedback can most certainly be given on unreleased content. We're actively seeking feedback on our upcoming expansion, for example. And we're receiving it by the truck-load :)

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#22 - 2011/12/08 06:57:00 PM
I can't really add any more to this discussion I'm afraid. I've explained our stance on the forums and how they work. Despite this forum being under 'Development', it doesn't mean it's the place to put your ideas for future features.

Just glancing at the general forum, I can see several multi-page threads on a wide range of topics, proving that players do get to read threads there, and if they're popular, they'll stay high up. If you see a thread that you feel shouldn't be there, please report it. But also please bear in mind that the General forum is for any WoW-related topic which doesn't fit into one of the other categories.

We know this isn't necessarily the answer you were hoping for. We're aware players would like to see the old suggestions forum back, but we don't have any plans to re-introduce it for now.