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#1 - 2011/12/09 09:12:00 AM
Hopefully someone within blizzard can let us know if these are intended or bugged

First off, the flightform bug where you lose your horizontal velocity now

Next, movement is quite bugged within vash'ir atm with character models

Another is mounting in moonkin form, this was able to be done from 4.2 back till 3.3 and beyond (thats when i discovered it), used by either getting the ghost debuff from the pirates in wetlands or using leyara's locket and using moonkin form and mounting then canceling the locket. This doesn't work anymore.

If these are intended then why are blizzard focusing on trivial things like this when theres more annoying bugs to deal with, E.G. the typhoon bug

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#3 - 2011/12/09 01:00:00 PM
09/12/2011 09:42Posted by Throrr
Too bad only the Americans have bug report forums.

Actually, you can report bugs and read about known issues in this thread: