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#1 - 2011/12/01 05:13:00 AM
Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that you can now group up with your real ID friends from other realms and queue for battlegrounds together just like you have been able to do for dungeons for a while. This is a very welcome feature addition and should making plowing through BG’s to get geared out for season 11 that much more enjoyable for everyone.

Community Manager Daxxarri confirmed via twitter that this was intentionally included with patch 4.3, so it should be here to stay.
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#2 - 2011/12/01 05:18:00 AM
That's exciting news, thank you for the heads up.

Community Manager
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#12 - 2011/12/01 05:14:00 PM
Correct! Cross-realm Real-ID parties can queue for battlegrounds.

I have made sure that this is in the 4.3 patch notes:

A few reminders about this --

You're going to see the limitations as you do in Looking-For-Dungeon and Looking-For-Raid.

You can't invite Real-ID friends to a raid.

If you have Real-ID friends in your group, you can't convert to a raid.