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#1 - 2011/11/29 10:00:00 PM
So ... I get banned by mistake cause some random guy reports me for some " national offending " done on /w chat ... I'll keep it censured for now - but the main prob is that I got banned for something that even isn't national offending ( from grammar view ). I got 3hrs in-game ban and when it expired I made a ticket - gm told me that I deserve it cause of national offending - after saying him that he makes a mistake and that he should review the case he says - my apology , you are right . We are sorry for all frustrations this problem caused to you. Just a couple of hrs latter I wanted to make a post on forum and what I get is notification that I'm banned 3 days from it.
Next, I make in-game ticket to ask GM why am I banned on forum - he says " I really can't know that. Not any action in-game is connected to forum bans. It must be something that you wrote wrong on forums .... " Then I sent report to " " where I get answer that all connections in game are connected to forums and that it auto triggers ban on forums cause it's " logical " . And they also don't wanna confess that there wasn't any customer rights harmed.
So, my question is - how many GMs I have to contact cause of some " mistake ban " and how many different answers I have to receive before I get to final truth ? And, do I deserve a proper " gift " for mistake Blizz has made and all my frustrations caused ?
no trolls pls.

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#37 - 2011/11/30 03:59:00 PM
Hi there, Palapop.

I encourage you to contact and to provide feedback about how your case was handled, how you were treated, and how we could improve. There is very little I can do for you in that regard here on the forums.

Just to clarify, being suspended in-game will also suspend you from the forums for at least the same length of time. The reverse is not true, however. I apologise if you were given contrary information at any point.