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#0 - 2009/11/04 04:20:24 AM
Devs, we have no way of knowing that forbearance is on the tank we may be tossing LOH on, so in effect we could be wasting a GCD and the tank is dead because we did not know, could of use a HL+HS+FOL series to pray we saved them whatever.

And any kind of interlock that prevents the spell going on cooldown is not enough. Heroic TOgC where using every cooldown in the book on Phase 1, and this eliminates the one emergency button we had.

Also the FOL+SS heal, really what does it do? I think it's 1% of my heals, and I try to keep it going as much as possible all the time. Now it's just too complicated and it's more of a "Oh that's nice it procced" kind of spell.

Give pallys a stacking heal for god sakes for once. Something we know can contribute to keeping the tanks alive while saving the HS for critical save heals on DPS and healers. Might even contribute to someone else topping the overhealing charts.

See the light!

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#65 - 2009/11/05 08:45:47 PM
We think what we're likely to do is make LoH not trigger Forbearance if cast on other players. That is closer to our original intent of encouraging paladins to use it to heal someone besides themselves.