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#1 - 2011/11/14 05:24:00 PM
You get screwed over by a fellow player, how does the GM's help? They dont. Below is my ticket.

I was selling my valour bracers (person asked for Bracers of Imperious Truths) and I got a whisper from <snip> to send them to Bacon through C.O.D for 2.2k gold. I said I would. I send them C.O.D and today I got them sent back. Obviously <snip> played a joke on me and I am not happy. Can I have these changed back to valour points and some sort of action taken against <snip>.

The response


Thank you for your contact and please accept my apology for the delay, We are working hard now to get this down to a level our players are happy with again.

I am sorry to hear you experienced this behaviour.

Rest assured I will now be looking in to this issue and action will be taken.

Though you may not notice any action being taken place we are dealing with it.

If you would like to see what actions may be taken you can see them at:

Unfortunately due to the nature of the purchase we are unable to assist in any way with refund for BOE item, though fortunately it is still possible for you to sell this item and make back the gold you were attempting to gain.

Thank you for your report and I wish you the best of luck selling these

Have a great day playing in game and for many days more!


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if someone ninjas, action can be taken, but if someone bends you over and does you from behind its fine? Logic.

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#17 - 2011/11/15 10:57:00 AM
At some point you have to assume a certain level of responsibility; you chose to mail the item instead of trading or selling it via the auction house, and act that intentionally removes the item's refund timer (which you're warned about). Another player changing their mind/being a bit of a troll is not a valid reason for us to make an exception and refund the item for you.

That said, is there really cause for such a dramatic outcry? You weren't scammed - you still have the item and you can still sell it just as you originally intended. It really shouldn't be this big of a deal. :)