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#1 - 2011/10/21 09:02:00 PM
  • Unique resource for each spec.

  • Affliction will keep Soul Shards, they are currently not interesting enough but devs have cool ideas for them.

  • Demonology will get Demonic Fury, you build up Demonic Fury and you metamorphosize when you max your Demonic Fury. More skills will be added to Demon Form, etc ...

  • Destruction will get Infernal Embers. The destruction warlock who keeps getting casting fire spells get hotter and hotter and will eventually deal insane amount of damage, you can build it up pretty quickly and unleash your big spell.

  • Looks pretty interesting.

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    #28 - 2011/11/09 10:45:00 PM
    “Empowered Channel” is something we’re trying out where some channeled spells will allow you to recast it at any point before it completes and it will simply extend the duration of that channel. You can already effectively do that between the last and second to last tick of the channel, but this extends that to the entire duration, and makes it more obvious.