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#1 - 2011/11/06 01:05:00 AM
Since the LFR has been going on now for a bit and I can't seem to pick apart the dribble in the PTR Forums (if there is anything to find on the matter at all), I'll ask my questions and voice my concerns here.

Back when we first heard about the Need+ Roll that would go out to those rolling on loot for their selected role, there were some initial concerns. Specifically the concerns were with those of us that have odd gearing paradigms and share across roles: notably Druids and Death Knights.

As it stands, as far as I know anyway, loot is merely restricted by all the usual rules already in place (Leather users only can roll on Leather, can only roll on weapons you can equip, etc) as well as by Role (Tank, DPS, Healer). Where I am concerned is how Ferals and DKs come into play with these loot rules. Plate users obviously have little to worry about: the item is a Tank Plate item, it is listed (hidden unfortunately) as Tank Role, and thus even if DPS Pallies/Wars/DKs roll for it using Need, the Tank hitting Need gets the bonus 100 to their roll.

However, the question comes up for the weirdos like me.

First of all, is DPS Leather simultaneously marked as Tank and DPS? If yes, then unfortunately I have to just chance it against every DPSer that is eligible. If no, then Ferals are just boned if they are Tanking because all the loot they normally would take is automatically handed to the DPS.

Second, is any distinction made between DPS Casters and DPS Melee? This would be weird in the case of DPS Druids (Balance and Feral) and DPS Shaman (Enhancement and Elemental). The reason I ask is if there zero distinction made, then a Balance Druid could also be in my competition pool for all Agility DPS Leather and accessories.

Third, how does the first question (DPS Leather) labeling apply to rings/necklaces/cloaks/trinkets? For the most part, a lot of these items, even come weird caster or melee pieces, are capable of being rolled on by anyone in the 5mans, by virtue of being equippable (not necessarily usable). If labeled as both Tank/DPS for say an Agility ring, does that mean the other Plate user can roll against me just because? In the more likely case of just not labeling things like Matrix Restabilizer as Tank, again are Ferals just out to dry?

DKs have significantly fewer concerns when it comes to just weapons for them, shared with Ferals. Are polearms with Agility going to be labeled as Tank items? Are Strength 2handers? If yes, then we'll be on equal footing with the possibility of a Warrior/Paladin also rolling for a DPS item and taking advantage of the Tank tag. If no, then we're boned for our DPS weapons just like Ferals are potentially with their gear.

If anyone has tested or knows more, please enlighten this old bear. I'd much like to see Dragon Soul more than once just to kill the boss and see the lore. Loot, while not always the greatest of things, is still something I'd like to be able to acquire using LFR.

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#10 - 2011/11/08 12:03:00 AM
What we are doing for 4.3 with the Raid Finder looting system (detailed here: is an experiment in order to try and reduce loot drama without removing the chance to benefit from offspec gear completely. In fact, a lot of what we are trying with Raid Finder for 4.3 is our very first attempt at a design that is going to need a lot of iteration before we’re happy with how it works. We’ll use the information we gather on the new looting system (we can call it Need+, for simplicity's sake) and Raid Finder in 4.3 to make both features even better for Mists of Pandaria.

The game currently does not have a very robust notion of what your spec is, so for now we can’t make the loot rules very stringent, other than checking your current role. In Mists of Pandaria, the game will have a well-developed "concept" of spec, and we can do things like let an Enhancement shaman roll need plus on an Agility axe without letting the Restoration shaman roll need plus. (The Resto shaman could still roll need though, since shaman can use axes and the player might presumably have an Enhancement offspec.)