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#0 - 2010/07/05 09:33:18 PM
Obviously things can (and likely will) change.

That said, I do find it a tad disconcerting that so far, SW and LS look to be unchanged in Cataclysm, as do the talents related to them. GC himself chimed in a few weeks ago with a comment about warriors "probably spending too many glyphs on cooldowns" which made me hopeful that there would be better parity in that regard for the next expansion. Even Xav posted about this in his Protection Warrior thread in the Cataclysm/beta forums.

I don't subscribe to "Blizzard hates my class" (at all), but issues like this certainly don't do much to sway people who do think that way. Warriors have to spend 2 major glyphs and 2 talent points to have the same cooldowns as pretty much everyone else (Shield Wall actually loses a 3rd of its effectiveness in the process).

Some interesting ideas were thrown around in that thread, such as having a 'weaker' baseline SW on a short cooldown, with a Glyph of Shield Wall that makes it stronger (but on a longer CD, e.g. like it is by default). I considered bumping it but its been pushed back and didn't want anyone to get upset about it being 'necro'd' or get it locked.

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#14 - 2010/07/06 09:14:17 PM
One idea is to no longer have a glyph for Last Stand (not sure whether we would leave its cooldown as is or lower it) and flip the glyph of Shield Wall, so that it has a short cooldown and weaker damage reduction baseline.