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#1 - 2011/10/29 11:41:00 AM
Yesterday I tried downloading the PTR client, and accidentally downloaded WoW installer, and installed it and started patching. I found out eventually that I was installing WoW and not PTR, but then it was too late... I cancelled it and tried to play, but I had to patch, and god no! Im not gonna patch again, so I deleted WoW and used my backup instead. But now, WoW is constantly lagging and loading is always taking so darn long! 5 minutes, minimum. It says "Since this is your first time playing this race, itll take long blabla" when I log in on my char, every time. My backup is only 2 weeks old, so it shouldnt be a problem with that. I can play, but it says "downloading important game data" all the time, and theres this circle on the top of the screen, and obviously, my ms raises tenfolds when its downloading...
Ive tried deleting cache, WTF and interface, nothing
Tried repair tool, nothing
What can I do? its annoying, discouraging me to play this game

Yes it was half-a**ed by me to install a wow over my other wow by accident, I blame it being 04:00 AM.

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#2 - 2011/10/29 12:29:00 PM
Hi Sonido

The first time you play on a freshly installed or patched client it will have to unpack data into the Cache folder, if it's experiencing issues doing this you can try to reset the cache by going to the Data directory in the World of Warcraft folder, and remove the Cache there.

Please see if this makes any difference.