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#0 - 2010/07/01 06:11:07 PM
So I checked out the Beta warrior talent trees, and still I ended up with:

5 talent points for 5% dodge

5 talent points for 5% parry

5 talent points for 10% armor

Not very interesting. Not very fun. Definitely NOT decisions - only mandatory.

I understand that the trees are subject to change - and I'm hoping that we'll get away from this. A decision between two points in Improved Disarm and two points in Improved Charge is interesting - feeling that you have 15 less points just to be up to par isn't.

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#12 - 2010/07/01 11:36:02 PM
We are keeping Toughness, because tanks like to improve their survivability and very consistent damage reduction is more desirable than procs. Anticipation and Deflection aren't going to survive the Cataclysm. /sniff