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#0 - 2010/07/01 05:17:01 PM
Why is our (warrior) crit immunity being put into safeguard? Why not a talent that we would normally take because it's useful?

Paladin crit immunity on holy shield - would take talent anyway.
Druid crit immunity on survival of the fittest - would take talent anyway.
DK crit immunity on imp blood presence - forcing them to put 2 points into a talent they wouldn't otherwise take.
Warrior crit immunity on safeguard - forcing 2 points into a talent we would otherwise not take.

I just don't understand your decisions sometimes - even if things aren't complete it just seems crazy to give two tanking specs good abilities ontop of the required crit immunity, while the warrior/DK get basically nothing. Unless of course your intent is for warriors to be a safeguard-bot more often like we are relegated to on 25 LK HM.

If that's the case please make that known clearly so I don't blindly think you're going to make efforts into correcting tank imbalances.

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#31 - 2010/07/01 11:30:26 PM
The warrior crit immunity is on Imp Defensive Stance in the newest versions of the talent trees.