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#0 - 2009/11/05 03:56:32 AM
The PTR patch notes got an update today regarding several Paladin abilities and talents. Infusion of Light also got an updated note, but its wording is somewhat confusing/potentially misleading:

Q u o t e:

Infusion of Light: This talent now causes the paladin’s Flash of Light spells to heal the target for 50/100% of the Flash of Light healing amount over 12 seconds.

There are three questions I have regarding this.

1) Does this mean that the current IoL functionality is gone and being completely replaced?

2) FoL no longer requires Sacred Shield to be up on the target in order to get the HoT functionality (for Holy Paladins)?

3) As an extention of #2, does this mean that Prot and Ret no longer have access to the HoT component of Sacred Shield?

I'm not all that concerned one way or another regarding PvE/PvP. It was nice to have to have the HoT as Ret (or Prot in some cases) in PvE, usually soloing/questing, but it's not a gamebreaking loss. #1, however is of more concern to Holy Paladins. We'd MUCH rather have that instant FoL if we had to choose between the HoT and a way to add an instant heal to our already paltry repertoire.

As such, I'm just seeking clarification on what exactly is going on with IoL and its full functionality.

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#3 - 2009/11/05 04:36:35 AM
Coriel is correct.