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#1 - 2011/10/13 08:59:00 PM
Ok so it is beginning to drive me a little nuts how people are throwing out this 2% with nothing to back where they even got this number from. I do not intend to persuade anyone that everyone raids or everyone doesn't raid. I am just going to show my Math and Explain why the number is closer to 16.2% and no where near 2%.

I will link the two posts used that got to this number

Today’s Graph

Another Poll by MMO made about 2 months ago.

So first lets look at the Poll, it asks the wow community how many 85s they have

5 or more - 59,810 players = 299,050 Toons
4 - 29,204 players = 116,816 toons
3 - 39,987 players = 119,961 toons
2 - 40,727 players = 81,454 toons
1 - 25,245 players = 25,245 toons
0 - 4,592 players = 0 toons

So between the 199,565 players polled, there were roughly 642,526 lvl 85 toons. Averaging out at 3.22 85s per player. And this is at the very low end since 5 or more could mean 10, could mean 20, but I assumed exactly 5. Not to mention this poll was taken 2 months ago and could very well increase.

So 3.22 85s per player

Now to today's sample

~2,700,000 toons sampled

135,859 toons have 7/7 normal achieve.

So 135,859/2,700,000 = .05 = 5% of toons sampled had 7/7 normal achieve.
(I do not know how people get 2% here, please share if you do know how.)

Now heres where I do have to make an assumption, that is that people tend to raid on their main. I know this is not always true, but since earlier I had to make the assumption that 5 or more means exactly 5 they should roughly offset one another.
So since the average player that plays has 3.22 toons then you multiply the 135,859 players that have downed rag by 3.22 to give credit to that whole player and not just one of their 3.22 toons

So that would be 135,859 x 3.22 = 437,465.98 toons have cleared 7/7 normal or have an alt that has cleared 7/7 normal

437,465.98/2700000 = .1620 = 16.2%

So I would argue that 16.2% of players have had at least one toon clear 7/7.
Sure I realize its not 100% accurate but it at least reasonably takes into consideration that people don’t raid on all of their toons.

16.2% of players being 7/7 is really not that bad after only 3 months.

And I’m sure there are plenty of people like me that are 6/7 and currently working on Rag.

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