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#0 - 2010/06/28 03:21:52 AM
Please Blizzard Please,

Please tell me why in godsname, are you using RNG on a pet that can drop 14 times for 1 char/year.
And only 3% Drop chance from the Satchel, according to several Fansites.

Why do you make it so us Pet Collector's, us loyal players for 4-5 years can actually fail on getting something we really want.

I really do not understand. Last year the Scorchling had a low drop rate aswell, but at least this was grindable, this satchel chance once a day is just really really really sad for the players that won't get it.

And now i've read you also making the Ultra Imba Rare mounts in Cataclysm drop with low %'s again???
RNG for items that are hard to get and only the best guilds get a chance on it should NOT drop by RNG.
I'd suggest you keep it @ 100 % drop rate and change it to RNG Once the content gets hardly nerfed.

I am just very very sad that me a player that loves to collect pets (and other stuff), and plays for this game loyally for 4 years already can fail on getting a pet, while a player that just dinged 80 or some alt gets the pet, Cuz of RNG.

It's so unfair. Don't you agree??? If only it was grindable i didn't mind, but it isnt.

Please wish me luck at least on getting this nice pet. And i'll keep playing the game whether i'll get it or not but yet i am very disappointed, i so dislike RNG.


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#62 - 2010/06/30 10:42:28 AM
Thread locked due to the call for a petition, which is against the forum rules.