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#1 - 2011/09/27 09:40:00 PM
Holy Raidance a 3 second cast and gives a charge of Holy Power as one of the highlights.


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* Holy Radiance now has a 3.0-second cast time, no cooldown, and requires a player target. That target is imbued with Holy Radiance, which heals them and all group members within 10 yards instantly, and continues to heal them by a smaller amount every 1 second for 3 seconds.
* Seal of Insight, when Judged, no longer returns 15% base mana to the paladin. Judging Seal of Insight still causes damage, and melee attacks will still restore 4% of base mana.


* Clarity of Purpose now also reduces the cast time of Holy Radiance.
* Illuminated Healing (mastery) now also applies to Holy Radiance.
* Infusion of Light now applies its cast time reduction from Holy Shock critical effects to Holy Radiance, in addition to its current effects.
* In addition to providing haste, the effect from Judgements of the Pure now increases mana regeneration from Spirit by 10/20/30% for 60 seconds.
* Light of Dawn now affects 6 targets (base effect), up from 5.
* Paragon of Virtue now lowers the cooldown of Divine Protection by 15/30 seconds, up from 10/20 seconds.
* Speed of Light no longer triggers from Holy Radiance and no longer lowers the Holy Radiance cooldown. Speed of Light now only triggers from Divine Protection.
* Tower of Radiance, in addition to its current effects, now also causes Holy Radiance to always generate 1 charge of Holy Power at all times.

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#256 - 2011/10/03 07:37:00 PM

  • Divine Plea granting a charge of Holy Power is nice. You can now really safely activate it with 0 Holy Power, get one from activating and 2 throughout its duration from Holy Shock, and then fire off a 3 Holy Power spell of your choice immediately as it ends. Obviously a minor net buff.

  • Just a quick note, Divine Plea does not generate Holy Power (in the absence of the Protection talent, Shield of the Templar). This is either a bug or bad data-mining.

    Please consider this an attempt to set the record straight. We really don't want players to feel like they were nerfed when this change (which was never actually made) was apparently reverted (even though it never existed to begin with).