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#0 - 2010/06/05 11:24:50 PM
Enhancement PvP Info

As I have seen so many questions asked about "Enha PvP" lately, I have decided to write a thread about it so people wouldn't need to ask same question everysingle day.

Alright, so let's start with something simple...

Weapon Imbues:
Windfury on the Main Hand and Frostbrand on the Off Hand.
Why? Because Windfury has 3seconds ICD on it and cannot be procced more often than that. Placing Windfury on your Off Hand would most likely just reduce your damage done because Main Hand WF simply procs more damage.
Frostbrand on the other hand is simply great slow(non dispelable) and it procs also not so bad damage.

Well, depending on your gear and your own preferences on Toughness this is quite common spec nowdays:
You can throw points off the Toughness into the Dual Wield spec if you need more hit, and if not, you can stick with the same spec as I just linked. Also you can place that DW spec talent point into Elemental Focus if you like.

Major Glyphs: Stoneclaw Totem glyph, Feral Spirit glyph & either Glyph of Shocking or Glyph of Windfury depending on your haste(Loads of haste = WF, no haste = Shocking).
Pref Minor Glyphs: Ghost Wolf glyph and Water Shield glyph(+1orb). These are prefered, but are not "must have". The third can be whatever you want it to be.

Gear & Gemming:
Well, gearing is "quite simple". There are three versions of it.

1. If you do not PvE nor have any intrest in doing it, full PvP gear will do it.
If going with PvP gear, you will most likely want to stack as much AP as possible, so you would be gemming AP into everysingle gem slot you have. Getting the AP BM trinket and AP WG trinket.

2. If you are lightweight PvEr (Do casual everyday HC with weekly raid), you will have access to the Herkuml trinket. If having Herkuml trinket you will most likely want atleast some Haste on yourself, which means gemming for AP/Haste or just Haste. Enchant Off Hand with Black Magic in this case.

3. Hardcore PvEr/PvPer, the BiS gear you could get on live is most likely around 1000-1200resi / 300-700haste / 27-30k hp / 5,4k-5,7k AP (These stats are all about own preference). Haste gems & Black Magic on the OH all the way.
Everything depends on the comps you meet. For example whenever meeting a mirror you would most likely be best to run with highest HPs / Resi. And whenever meeting a druid team, haste makes you shine.

Head: 50ap/20resi
Shoulders: 40ap/15resi
Cloak: +35 spell penetration
Chest: +20resi or +10stats (depending on what you need)
Wrists: +50ap
Gloves: +44ap
Leggings: +75ap/22crit rating
Boots: +15sta/minor speed

Basic stats of Enhancement in PvP:
+5% Melee hit chance.
+4% Spell hit chance.
+80 Spell Penetration.

Do not follow what most of the Enhancement Shamans do and put +25 Spell Penetration gem in your Off Hand. Put that gem in any other slot. When ever you are going with Shield, you will drop the Off Hand off and so the Spell Penetration will drop off also. Which is bad.

Totems: 4x Totems from my own preference...
Def totems setup: Tremor/Flametongue/Cleansing/Windfury
Offensive totem setup: Str/Flametongue/Healing/Windfury
Rogue totem setup: Searing/Stoneskin/Cleansing/Nature Resistance

All of the totems (or atleast most) should be bound and used whenever needed.
Basic idea is to drop out four totems you need and then rotate Earth totems & Air totems.

Helpful macros & etc:
Weapon/Shield switch, just replace the names. slot 16 = MH, slot 17 = OH

#showtooltip Wrathful Gladiator's Shield Wall
/equipslot 17 Wrathful Gladiator's Shield Wall
/equipslot 16 Wrathful Gladiator's Grasp
/equipslot 16 Wrathful Gladiator's Grasp
/equipslot 17 Wrathful Gladiator's Left Claw

Start attacks... *use same formula and add up /startattack in the end for shocks*
#showtooltip Earth Shock
/cast Earth Shock

Focus macros...
#showtooltip Hex
/cast [target=focus] Hex

#showtooltip Purge
/cast [target=focus] Purge

#showtooltip Frost Shock
/cast [target=focus] Frost Shock

#showtooltip Wind Shear
/cast [target=focus] Wind Shear

Or you can ignore those focus macros and follow nowdays trend of...
#showtooltip Purge
/cast [target=arena1] Purge

You can do that also for your abilitys, I prefer arenaX target purges, but for rest using focus.

Playable comps in arena:

Dpriest/Enha (would not recommend if not having PvE gear access)
... Would not recommend other comps, even as they might be successful somewhere.


Some people asked in-game to add up my UI here so... here it is:
*It's not that good pic, usually playing with HP bars on show*

"Enhancement shaman suck in PvP QQ."

If I missed something, feel free to poke it up..

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