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#0 - 2010/06/15 03:13:26 PM
HAHA - Blizzard banned my friend Aerodizz who recruited me because they didnt want the truth to come out... They stole our money and we found out. Instead of helping / explaining they ban. LOL FAIL....

Good going Blizzard.

Well they will probably ban me aswell. But i wish they could help us instead of throwing us away.

thanks all! Was fine to play wow for 2 hours 26mins....

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#5 - 2010/06/15 03:16:28 PM
Foul language is something we will not tolerate on the forums, hence the action taken within the thread.

Should you or your friend require assistance with an issue regarding Recruit a Friend, we recommend contacting our support department who can best assist you with the matter.