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#0 - 2010/06/11 08:36:57 PM
World of Warcraft
Major League Gaming Columbus concluded this weekend, but not before we were treated to some of the best Arena action in the game's history. The final between South Korean team "Loaded Black" and North American team "compLexity Red" turned out to be an absolute nail-biter. In this RMP mirror-match Loaded Black were the eventual winners(, taking home $9000 in prize money. Be sure to check out the full event coverage conducted by Hydramist(, GotFrag( and in GosuGamers'( all new World of Warcraft section. Finally this week, German Hunter player "Toboye" from mTW PvP-team has been interviewed( by Bartov Gaming to talk about his Arena experience.

StarCraft II Beta
Edition #14 of the weekly ZOTAC-Cup saw the Russian Terran player Pavel "BRAT_OK" Kuznetsov clinch the title(, defeating Danish Terran player Rasmus "Drafter" Kristensen in the final. The prestigious World Cyber Games has announced its first four torch-bearers for the WCG 2010 Torch Relay( South Korean StarCraft player Lee "Jaedong" Jaedong and Chinese Warcraft III player Li "Sky" Xiaofeng will have the honor of representing their respective countries. In other news, check out the StarCraft II weekly round-up by BroOd( for the latest in StarCraft II Beta tournaments.

Warcraft III
South Korean Night Elf player Kim "ReMinD" SungSik battled to victory( in the latest edition of the weekly ZOTAC-Cup. ReMinD didn't lose a single map, taking down French player Vincent "Monster" Lao and then South Korean Kim "ViOlet" DongHwan in the final with perfect scores. Also, the fifth season of the ESL Intel Extreme Masters will commence with a Global Challenge in Shanghai(, where Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne competitors will fight for $5000 in prize money.

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