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#0 - 2010/06/10 03:51:51 AM
Looks fairly interesting. A couple of questions about it though.

I remember reading that the new healing model wouldn't mean that we would be sitting around twiddling our thumbs or having to DPS in between healing gaps. But these talents sorta hint at priests (and other healers) weaving in smites to actually increase their healing in various ways. While I can say that is interesting. Part of me is kinda thinking, if I wanted to DPS, i'd spec shadow. I dont really wanna have to start smiting to have good throughput or higher heals. To be totally frank here, if I find myself having to weave in smites in some sort of rotation to get "stacks" or other buffs..I think that would probably turn me off to healing at all.

I definitely do not mind having better dps and having more interesting dps talents, especially when I outgear things and can dps. But to actually weave dps and heals on current content doesnt sound like something I'd be interested in. Also..isn't mana supposed to matter now? Where are we going to get all the mana to use it on smites and holy fire's and not more healing?

Last thing, for the love of god can you please make Grace a buff on the priest and not on the target we are healing. I'd even accept grace having a shorter duration if it meant I could refresh it on myself healing anyone who actually needed heals.

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#1 - 2010/06/10 03:57:21 AM
The basic idea is you can choose to add some damage to your healing if you are soloing, in PvP, or even raiding encounters which aren't particularly demanding for you to heal. For those situations where you really need to heal, you'll do better with a talent build that focuses on healing.

It's something we're likely to try with all the healing specs, or else decide it's a bad idea. :)