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#0 - 2010/06/09 05:08:55 AM
Did anyone else see the MLG players' pictures, and watch the skinny little announcers in their tacky coats try to act like they are doing a halftime show in ESPN?

At first when I saw the pictures I was like holy sh** I hope I don't ever stay inside for the period of time that is required to make your skin THAT white.

Then, I watched the announcers, and listened to them comment on the match, and lost all drive I had to do arena. I cant even stand it now. I just think of those dinky little kids trying to act cool, and it drives me nuts.

Did anyone else who is a fan of real sports and/or doesn't want to look like they are afraid of the sun see the MLG and just say to themselves: "I give up if that's what being the best is"?

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#11 - 2010/06/10 02:30:09 AM
Q u o t e:


SRSLY though i think im going to photoshop pookz over a piece of copy paper and see which is whiter

Hopefully whatever it is that you end up choosing to be one of the best in the world at will get you the skin tone and musculature you're looking for. ;]