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#1 - 2011/09/09 04:54:00 PM

for two times now my Blizzard raidframe settings have reset on their own as my WoW has crashed, once during an arena match and once during a BG.
In neither of these two times have profile changes simply been unsaved, because in both occasions I had been using the profiles for weeks with no problems. Not only that, but none of the other interface settings reset in these occasions.

So, just thought I'd report the issue here, and at the same time I might as well ask if other players have had the same thing happen to them. I don't think there's much to do to prevent this, but I am reporting this in the hopes it gets fixed.


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#7 - 2011/09/14 12:05:00 PM
Hi there everyone,

This is something that we have forwarded to our development team for further investigation, I'm very sorry though as I don't have any details on when this might be resolved.