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#1 - 2011/09/10 05:27:00 PM
Any of you who have read my posts regarding the Wolfheart spoilers know that I am not the happiest person about this. Yes, the Alliance get development, yes, the Alliance get a victory, but it comes, once again, at the expense of the Night Elves.

Eight magnataur are all it takes apparently to tip the scales against this supposedly powerful race of warriors, who long ago dismantled the powerful troll empires, and routed the Burning Legion. Yes, Grom called us perfect warriors, Orc NPCs supposedly admire our prowess, but let's be honest here, the jig has been up for a while now.

Night Elves never win, always need help with any sort of enemy, and break into emotional wrecks at the drop of a hat. The only thing that a Night Elf seems to be able to contribute in any narrative is dying, crying, or acting stupid. These are the people who routed the Burning Legion? Apparently so.

My request in regards to future lore is this: First, stop giving us new lore. Hank Paulson had the magical ability to make the DoW lose 300 points every time he opened his mouth, and the same effect seems to happen to the Night Elves every time someone tries to give them lore. Please, Blizzard, do not try to correct previous mistakes. You have done quite enough already.

Second, if you are going to have another conflict involving Night Elves, stop calling the Night Elves powerful. In fact, I would recommend that you get fast and furious with the retcons. The plot device is no longer believable, it hasn't been for years. If you're going to make the Night Elves lose every consequential engagement they find themselves in, then let that reflect itself in the narrative. Be honest with the player base, and stop pushing this nonsense.

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#115 - 2011/09/10 10:50:00 PM
It is a shame that a handful of posters have ruined an otherwise constructive thread by repeatedly trolling and posting inappropriate language.

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