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#0 - 2010/05/26 08:17:40 PM
Anyone else noticed how OP the french are? :(. 90% of the time i enter a battleground and see it's a french team we get destroyed. How are you finding them french players? :)

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#225 - 2010/05/28 02:59:16 PM
Ok, let's pause this thread for a while. While a little national competitiveness can be fun and enjoyable, broad generalizations, stereotyping and referencing WWII occupation is stepping way past the line of what is acceptable on these forums.

If players from one faction in any given Battlegroup, regardless of the players' nationality or the region the Battlegroup represents, are performing particularly well then that is more interesting as a social phenomenon than as a source for hateful and harassing posts. If the French, or Germans, or Spanish, or whatever other country it is that players are beating you are from are playing better than you then the logical choice would be to get better and fight back, not to come to the forums and spout hateful comments at each other.

What is interesting to analyse, though, is perhaps why certain groups of players - even as randomly seeded groups of individuals - perform better overall than others. Is it just one server that has a stronger community? Is it a cultural thing? Etc.

Regardless of the reason, and while it is an interesting thing to analyse, I will reiterate this one last time:

Posting hateful, or nationalistic, or insulting and harassing comments to players from other countries or regions is not tolerated on these forums. Players who continue to do so will lose their posting privileges rather swiftly.

Now; have a croissant, some tea, perhaps a bratwurst and continue discussing PvP in a respectful manner with one another.