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#1 - 2011/09/02 01:36:00 PM
This is a thread to question Blizzards "quality control" and "class balance". Also I do deeply appologise for bringing this outside of the paladin forums but here it is.

It is now September, 4.0.1 came out November 24, 2010 (roughly). Since then retribution has been hotfixed (mainly) twice. First because of the serious lack of DPS and second for sacred shield.

The first hotfix was not enough, go to the Paladin forums and see for yourself how much people hate retribution and for how long.

This is not targeted towards the community, this is more to make aware to Blizzard themselves that most retribution paladins are not happy, because clearly they are not watching the Paladin forums.

Just incase Blizzard has lost the URL for the paladin forums....hell maybe that is why nothing is being addressed, here is the link...

Buffing retribution in 4.3? Now would be the perfect chance to bring it fourth to the public because as I write this, more paladins are quitting retribution and becoming holy, prot or simply re-rolling.

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#7 - 2011/09/05 08:08:00 AM
Moved to the Paladin forum.

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, I just want to remind people that, just because you may not get a blue response to your posts, that does not mean we don't hear you.

Please continue making your thoughts known about your class, your spec, even certain skills. The forums provide you with a platform for discussion about these things, and we gather a tremendous amount of feedback from them. You may not see all the in-game changes that you personally desire, but this doesn't mean we didn't hear you—there's so many things to take into consideration when making changes, player feedback is a large factor, but there are others, so please be patient.

The best advise I can give anyone who feels strongly about their class (or anything WoW-related for that matter) is to put together their thoughts in a constructive forum post. Rate up posts you agree with, rate down those you don't.