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#0 - 2009/11/09 04:59:07 PM
So I was running around in Dalaran the other day when I decided to complete some easy Achievement's since I had nothing to do.
When I found out that I never complete the Going Down? Achievement I was like... "Wtf?? Thats so easy you usually do it by misstake!"
So I tried to do it at several locations that are known to be easy places to get it (even jumped off Dalaran with a pala-bubble down to Crystalsong) but still nothing happened.
So I wrote a Ticket about my issue and I got the answer that it works just fine. Well, obiviously it isn't working "just fine" for me. So I wrote a second Ticket and explained my issue again, I thought that maybe they missunderstood me, can you guess what the lazy ass GM's gave me for an answer this time? =D
"It works just fine" again. And since the waiting time can be over 24 hours on Daggerspine I never got to chat with any of them, just recieved E-mails all the time.
So I wrote to them a third time and really pointed out that it isn't working and that I have tried alot of ways to get it, even jumping of Dalaran.
This time I got a new answer, but it was even more dissapointing. They gave me a link to Wowhead ( and told me that the sollution should be on that page.
So I read almost all of the 217 comments (all the relevant ones with guides on how to do this) but I didn't find one single comment on what to do if the thing is bugged. Thanks for sending me a useless link and wasting an hour of my life on pointless reading! =@
So I wrote a fourth time telling them that there were no sollution on that page. They replied that I have to survive the jump to get the achievement and that there are alot of good guides on that page where to do the perfect jumps to get the Achievement. So now i've wrote a FIFTH ticket and I am really starting to loose my patience and temper with these GM's that doesn't seem to know jack @##! about about anything really!

The last ticket I wrote:
Q u o t e:
This is the fifth ticket im sending you. I SURVIVED THE JUMP FROM DALARAN beacuse of a pala bubble, and I have tried alot of different places to get the achievement, before u linked me that useless Wowhead site. Ofcourse I try to get it before I whine about it not working! What are you thinking with? Really? Its the "Going Down?" achievement Im talking about. IT DOES NOT WORK I TELL YOU, AND IVE TOLD YOU 4 TIMES ALREADY!!!! LEARN ENGLISH FFS!!!!

I really hope these guys aren't getting paid for their so called "work". This is NOT good service Blizzard.
I'm usually a calm and nice guy, and it usually requires alot from a person to get me to this stage of anger that I am in right now. But your GM's and their stupidity are both amazing me and starting to piss me off!


Wtf should I do? Sure, it's just an Achievement. But its the principle, it could just as well be a very much more important Achievement (like one of those you usually have to link to get in alot of pugs for an example, or maybe it could have been that final and last event-achievement you need to get that Title you've been running around the whole Azeroth for?)

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#11 - 2009/11/10 06:52:00 PM

This isn't a Technical Support issue, Moving thread to achievements forum.