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#1 - 2011/09/01 06:19:00 PM

I want my mage to wear the mage Tempest set (tier 6) in the next patch. Now I've noticed that the set has no matching belt, shoes or bracers. Those belong to the set dropping in Sunwell Plateau. First, I thought I'd find a different belt (and shoes and bracers but I don't really care about them since I can't see them). But a NPC on a boat, who has a whiter/ yellower version of the Tempest set, at the Isle of Quel'Danas does actually have a matching belt. I've looked it up and the belt can not be bought and it does not drop anywhere. Also, the NPC has better sleeves. The sleeves of the Tempest set just stop at the middle of the arms. The NPC has long sleeves (although she is not wearing gloves. Even if she did the sleeves would just go into the gloves, not stop at the middle of her arms).

I'm not sure about other tier sets, perhaps other classes have the same problem? I hope Blizzard will fix this before the next patch will come out, which should not be to much of a problem since they already exist in a different color.

Thanks for reading and please post it if you have the same problem (with another class).

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#3 - 2011/09/01 06:41:00 PM
This is going to be half the fun for a lot of people looking forward to Transmogrification; finding matching sets and combinations that look awesome together :)

While it's too early to say for sure, it's possible that after this feature launches, there will be a number of items that people request become available to Transmogrify. We're going to monitor this feedback and hopefully be able to build on the feature based on that, however, that's not to say every item people ask for will suddenly appear in the game.