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#1 - 2011/09/01 04:55:00 AM
a gm told me to go into a site a and verify my account, or he would suspend it. AND I FORGOT THE SITES NAME, everyone lolling a t this is a heartless dou che bag
but what should i do now?

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#9 - 2011/09/01 04:09:00 PM
Good evening Schooka,

I’m not sure if you’ve yet had a chance to return to this thread to see the responses, but I do hope you have and that they’ve helped set your mind at rest.

To provide some additional official confirmation for you, it’s an almost certainty that the whisper you received was a fake – real Blizzard employees will never ask you to visit a website to verify your account!

Hopefully you haven’t remembered the name of the site, or managed to accidentally give away your details in this way, but please do take some time to read through the great guide Gontier links nonetheless. :)