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#1 - 2011/08/31 07:33:00 PM
Looks like the other thread capped...

70s have become increasingly popular recently due to the availability of gear.

+ Public Vent +


Some quick info about the 70s bracket:

+ Queues +

We get constant BGs almost all day and night. Queues usually start in the afternoon at ~1 pm EST and continue into the next morning until ~5-7 am EST. Queue times are anywhere from 1-5 minutes for both factions.

Players with capped accounts now queue with the XP off crowd so it doesn't matter if you have a BC or Cata account, you'll all end up in the same place.

+ Gear +

Brutal gear vendors can be located in Stormwind in the Champion's Hall, Orgrimmar in Hall of Legends, Gadgetzan in Tanaris, and Area 52 in Netherstorm. A full set of gear (set, offset, weapons, etc.) is ~2.3k honor. It's highly recommended to obtain the honor needed before hitting 70. You can now purchase the level 70 2 minute Medallion of the Alliance or Medallion of the Horde from from the Legacy Armor Quartermasters in your respective cities!

Gear from the Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple, and some other level 70 raids are also strong for this bracket.

This is the first bracket with access to resilience gear, in conjunction with wrath gems and enchants, allows you to adjust your damage taken:damage dealt ratio to suit your own comfortability. We also have 31 point talents.

+ Professions +

You can level professions to 450. While any professions will suffice, a combination of engineering, jewelcrafting, and blacksmithing are considered the best. Engineering currently has some very powerful items/tinkers available to 70s. For those of you who may have questions regarding how tinkers work at 450, they are explained in the link below:

+ Gems + Enchants +

Arcanist Ivrenne (if you're Alliance) and Magistrix Lambriesse (if you're Horde) will sell uncut epic gems from Wrath of the Lich King; all gems cost 220 justice points.

375 Honor points can be exchanged for 250 Justice points by Edlan Halsing in the Champion's Hall if you're Alliance and Rogoc in the Hall of Legends if you're Horde.

Enchants are available for nearly every armor slot at level 70. Of note, Revered with the Shattered Sun Offensive will get you a head enchant and honor can buy a shoulder enchant off of the Accessories Quartermasters in major cities.

+ 70 vs. 74 +

This topic is brought up a lot, and by going to level 74 you gain 2 additional talent points, a few base stats, an increase in ability scaling, a higher chance to be missed, and access to the level 71 archaeology axe (Nifflevar Bearded Axe). All of those benefits may seem appealing, but keep in mind you'll be losing 25% of your secondary stats (resilience, haste, crit, etc.). Most players will encourage you to stay at 70 because most of the benefits are offset by the penalties for leveling, however feel free to play as you like.

+ Arenas +

You can do Arena however there are no titles rewarded. 71-74s can't currently join Arena teams, but you can make a team at 70 before leveling and still queue on that team. Although we don't have a ladder, arenas are ranked at

+ Rated BGs +

There are numerous guilds forming Rated BG teams and with the implementation of same faction games in 4.1 these should pick up in popularity. Right now games are started by word of mouth and communicating with groups specifically, but we'd like to get some specific nights set up to increase participation and have more fun.

+ Guilds +

There are several active guilds on both Horde and Alliance side on a large number of servers. Some of the bigger ones are:
<BattleMasters> on Altar of Storms
<The Ruckus> on Laughing Skull
<Retro> on Thrall
<Nerd Cleave> on Frostmane
<Ironsole Clompers> on Kel'thuzad
<Uprising> on Korgath
<No Remorse> on Frostmourne

Alliance:<Victorious Secrets> on Laughing Skull
<Team Four Star> on Azgalor
<Surreal> on Thrall
<Spirits of the Immortal> on Bladefist
<Hero> on The Venture Co.
<Never Got My Glaives> on Arthas
<Nice Monitor Tan Bro> on Sargeras

Note: This list is a representative of the skill level and level of participation in this bracket. Welcome to the bracket! We hope you have fun! Guilds should have a large, active roster and be 3+ months old.

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