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#1 - 2011/08/29 06:46:00 PM
I bought these items yesterday from a dude selling it on trade chat. To make it a safe trade I told him I want to code first or no deal, and he said fine. I redeem the code, get the mount and the pets, and I pay him the 30,000g.

When I logg in today, all the 4 pets + the winged lion mount are gone??

WHAT IN THE <snip> has happend???

Does anyone know wtf is going on and how do I get my mount/pets or gold back??!?!

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#22 - 2011/08/31 10:29:00 AM
Greetings Danijal,

I notice that you seem to have been able to speak directly to a member of our in-game team yesterday, so hopefully the representative you spoke to was able to help clarify the situation for you, as well as explaining why this regrettably isn’t something we assist with (in terms of recovery).

My sympathies for the loss of your gold, but please try to use this as a learning experience to make sure that you don’t find yourself so unwittingly scammed again in the future. If you’re at all interested in reading up about our scam policy, and the philosophy behind it, please take a look at our Policy Spotlight on the subject;

Policy Spotlight - Scams

You still can, and should, report the offending player to us, however, as their actions have also been against the game Terms of Use, and we’ll still be able to investigate that side of the incident and ensure that the appropriate action is taken.