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Q&A (Eldrazi's work)
0. Why should I twink at 60?
Unlike the other twinking brackets (with the exception of 70 twinks) the 60 bracket adds a little more then the average bracket because of our gear options.
Not only can 60 twinks PvP, we also have raids. Some choose to get help from higher levels to get gear, others enjoy reliving old times and raiding with only 60s. There's a collection of Tier gear and PvP gear for us to use and collect. There's deeper talents we can get compared to the lower brackets, and our profession bonuses are good, too.


1. Do 60 exp-off games pop?
Yes, as of patch 4.1, exp-off games DO pop. They seem to pop most around 4\5pm eastern time, and stop\slow down around 10\12pm eastern time. But there have been games earlier and later then said times. Games pop back-to-back with a very short queue time, there's even all 60 AV now.

Remember to queue RANDOM BATTLEGROUND.
Keep checking to see if you're still in queue, bugs are being reported of randomly kicking a player from queue after a random amount of time.


2. How do I turn off my exp?
There are "Exp eliminators" In Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
They can be found here,


3. Are there any PvP\vanilla raiding twink guilds?
Yes, there are several, the most active are on the server Kel'Thuzad, with PvP and PvE benefits.

<Rockin'The Nine Set> - Kel'thuzad
<Ironsole Clompers> - Kel'Thuzad

<Back to Basics> - Stormrage
<Stables Death Squad> - Kel'Thuzad
<Overpowered at Sixty> - Crushridge
<Screams of the Past> - Draka
<Minikyle Gave It To Me> -Eitrigg

Screams of the Past website is:
Ironsole Clompers recruitment thread:

(Could use links to other recruitment threads\websites)


4. What levels are in this bracket?
60-64. Most of us are 60, but there's an influx of 64 twinks.


5. Is it possible to use the bolt gun, or other high level engineering perks in this bracket?
The people who got 450 engineering before they nerfed the level requirement have perks available, but post 4.2 60s can no longer use things like the boltgun or big daddies. You can no longer level primary professions to 450. Very few players have these perks, and most don't use them in BGs.


6. How high can I level professions in this bracket?
Gathering professions can level up to 450.
Primary professions can level up to 375.

Be sure to research profession perks before leveling them, some patterns can only be learned with certain rep gains from TBC, and some of those reps may now be unobtainable for 60s.


7. Why should I bother going to an all 60 guild\server?
With the release of 4.1 there is less of a reason, yes, but there's a community here. People you can talk to, raid with, duel, help out, group, farm, whatever you need there's always twinks online.


8. What's the best class to twink at 60?
There is no real "Best class" to twink. Play what you find fun, it'll encourage you to play more, thus making the bracket more active than it already is. Any class is great if you know how to play it correctly.


9. What raids are currently available, how do I start gearing up?
The raids that are currently left are, Molten Core, Ahn'Qiraj Temple, Ahn'Qiraj Ruins and Blackwing Lair. Naxxramas, Zul'Gurub and Onyxia are currently unavailable for 60s.

There's plenty of gear from raids to gather, there's also PvP gear that's really cheap honor that's easy to get. If you're not interested in pure-vanilla twinking, you can also go to Outlands and collect the Hellfire Ramparts & quest items for a significant start to twinking.


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