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PTR Character Copies and Pre-Made Characters

Character copies and pre-made characters are a tool used by QA to provide an adequate testing environment on the PTR. They are used at our discretion and will not always be available.

When available you can find them on the PTR character copy page here:

Character Copies and Pre-Made Character FAQ
• Q. How do I get character copies or pre-mades?
A. Go to the character copy page and follow the instructions.

• Q. Can I keep my copied character?
A. No when the next phase of testing starts all characters on the PTRs will be wiped.

• Q. Are Pre-mades available?
A. Pre-made characters are not available for all patches. If pre-made characters are available for this patch it will be shown on the PTR character copy page and announced in this forum.

• Q. Can we get more pre-mades?
A. Additional pre-mades are only made available when we deem it necessary to meet testing needs.

• Q. How many Characters can I copy?
A. Normally we allow four character copies per account. Sometimes additional copies are allowed based on our needs.

• Q. I’ve used up all my character copies, what does it mean when it says I need to wait until the next testing phase to copy two more characters?
A. The term, "Testing Phase" refers to each major content patch that is available for public testing. For example: patch 3.1, 3.2, etc. We do not announce the next testing phase until the current one is over.

• Q. If I delete a copied character or pre-made can I make a new one?
A. No. Deleted characters are gone and you will not be reimbursed for them.

• Q. Why is it taking so long to get my characters copied?
A. For many patches character copies are in high demand, especially so when pre-mades are available. If there are many characters queued up for transfer it may take as long as a week before they are available to play. Please be patient.

• Q. I get an error when trying to copy a character.
A. This means the copy queue is full, please try again at a later time.

• Q. Will playing on the PTR affect how long it takes to transfer my characters?
A. No. Feel free to play on the PTR while the character transfers are pending.

• Q. Why are my characters locked?
A. In order to use level 80 pre-made characters you must have The Wrath of the Lich King installed and activated when the phase starts. There is no way to unlock characters once a test phase has started even if you purchase and install The Burning Crusade.

• Q. Do we get gear for our characters?
A. In some cases when testing requires it vendors will be provided to sell appropriate gear to qualified characters. If these vendors are available an announcement will be made.

• Q. Can we get different gear for our pre-mades.
A. No, gear is determined for pre-made characters before the PTR is started, it will not normally be changed while a patch is in test.