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FAQ – PTR Forum Info and Rules

Forum Info

This forum is a tool used by the Blizzard QA team to gather information regarding bugs encountered by players on the current PTR servers. Issues regarding the current live servers should be reported in the appropriate forums.

Forum Moderation
This forum will follow the same general code of conduct as all other World of Warcraft forums:

Additionally these forums are moderated much more strictly than many of the other World of Warcraft forums. Please only post constructive comments or bug reports here. Any off-topic or non-constructive posts will be deleted (yes deleted, not locked, not moved) in an effort to keep the forum from being cluttered. Players who insist on being disruptive in this forum will have their posting privileges removed.

Posting Unreleased Content
Part of the experience of World of Warcraft is in discovering new content through the game. We wish to preserve this experience for our players. Please be aware that it is an explicit violation of the Terms of Use to use third party programs to mine and publish information regarding World of Warcraft.

• Q. Why haven’t you responded to my thread?
A. Generally we only respond to threads if more information is needed or if a resolution is already available. We do not normally comment on issues that are currently being researched.

• Q. Why was my post deleted?
A. As said before this forum is more strictly moderated than other World of Warcraft forums there are a variety of reasons your post may have been deleted:
  • Duplicate posts
  • Non-constructive or combative posts
  • Off-Topic Posts
  • Inappropriate language
  • Questions already covered in any of the stickies

• Q. Who are the blue posters in this forum? Are they GMs or Community Managers?
A. This forum is moderated by the Blizzard QA team, primarily blue posts in this forum will be made by QA testers in an attempt to gather information.

• Q. I need help right now.
A. These forums are not monitored in real time, often it will be many hours or even days before a QA representative will be able to read your thread.

• Q. I can not download the PTR patch, can somebody post a mirror?
A. No. As Blizzard can not verify the integrity of files downloaded from other sites please refrain from posting links to alternate downloads of the PTR client.

• Q. Nobody has responded to my thread, can I bump it?
A. No. All threads are read in the order that they are posted, bumping does not accomplish anything and can slow down our attempts to gather appropriate information.

• Q. I heard a rumor…
A. Unless you read it from a Blizzard representative then the rumor is most likely untrue. Reposting it in this forum only spreads misinformation.

Test Realm Availability
As the test realm is a development tool it will not always be available to the public. It is often necessary for us to take the realms down for extended periods of time with little or no warning. During these outages we encourage you to be patient and suggest playing on the live realms while you wait. No amount of posts in this forum will get the servers up faster and typically we’re aware of server related issues immediately.

Test Realm Behavior
Using the Test Realm is by invitation. It is an invitation that we currently extend to all of our users but it is an invitation that we can revoke at any time.
Players who act inappropriately on the test realms will be dealt with quickly and severely. This is a test environment and those who interfere with testing in any way will be removed.

• Q. When will this patch go live?
A. When it’s ready.

• Q. When will the PTR go down permanently?
A. When the patch goes live. Please see the previous question.

• Q. Is feature X in this build?
A. If new features have been implemented they will be listed in the patch notes.

• Q. I cannot connect to the servers what should I do?
A. These are test realms and they will often be taken down or crash, this is normal for testing. Please check the stickies for an announcement about any current planned downtime. If there is not already a sticky post regarding the outage you may create a new thread to let us know of the problem. Please do not create multiple threads as they will all be deleted.

• Q. Why does it say my password is wrong when I try to login?
A. If you've changed the password on your account within the last 3 weeks, you won't be able to log onto the Public Test Realms. You can try to use your old password, but there's no guarantee that it will work.

• Q. I was banned without a warning.
A. The PTR is a tool for Blizzard QA, and as such players who are disruptive will not be tolerated and will be removed without any warning. The normal Customer Service escalation procedure does not apply here. PTR Bans will last at least until the next PTR phase, if not longer.

• Q. Are there GMs on the PTR? I submitted a GM ticket and never got a response.
A. There is no normal GM support on the PTRs, there are monitors who watch for inappropriate or disruptive behavior. The EULA that applies to the normal realms also applies to the PTRs. Any tickets submitted on the PTR will be closed automatically without response.

• Q. People are spamming or otherwise acting inappropriately on the PTR what can I do?
A. As stated before players who act inappropriately on the test realms will be dealt with quickly and severely. To report inappropriate behavior please email customer service at be sure to include in your email that you are reporting from the test realms.

• Q. I saw someone cheating what can I do?
A. The Terms of Service agreement for World of Warcraft applies the same to the Test Realms.

It is a common misconception that because there is no standard GM support on the test realms that there are no consequences for cheating, this is untrue. We actively remove players who are cheating or otherwise acting inappropriately on the test realms. Actions taken against players who do not follow the terms of service will be quick and severe.

Players who suspect cheating of any kind should report it via the Blizzard support webform located here: