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#0 - 2010/05/04 09:28:50 PM
No, its not "just because" Spiky is worse than Smooth.

My Best guess is that Blizzard will be balancing the following formula
Warrior Block = Pally Block

Warrior Block = Crit Chance * (Block Amount + Crit Bonus Block Amount) + (1-Crit Chance) * Block Amount

Pally Block = Block Amount + Bonus Block Amnt

So if they balance those equations, what's wrong with that?
Parry will reduce the effectiveness of Crit Block.

Base Block Amount = 30%
Crit Block Amount = 60%,
Parry "Block Amount" = 50%

Now you're in a world of hurt for trying to balance and you have several possible scenarios:

The system doesn't roll for a Block during a Parry: Warriors end up losing a chance at an additional 10% reduction from crit Block. Paladins don't suffer from this drawback of Parry. As such, Warriors end up behind.

You can Block during a Parry and they are additive: Warriors Lose the amount in excess of 100%. Again, Paladins don't suffer from this drawback of Parry

The system rolls for a Block during a Parry: then Parry becomes worth less to the warrior because it will lose some of the benefit during a crit Block. Again Paladin's don't suffer from this drawback.

Now lots of this can "disappear" if a Crit Block is less than 50% of damage reduction... but that would mean a crit block does less than a parry, not much of a Final Tier Mastery.

So in any of the three scenarios that Blizzard chooses to go with, Warriors end up behind because of Parry. Grats, you guys got shafted again.

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#65 - 2010/05/05 07:50:02 PM
You guys don't really know enough details yet to make predictions this dire. It's fun to speculate, but you have to assume your conclusions are based on speculation, not facts.

Once upon a time, druids thought they were terrible tanks because they were "mana sponges." There wasn't much risk of them dying... until the healer ran out of mana. In that world, anything that allows a healer to cast a smaller spell or not cast a spell at all saves mana and therefore keeps the tank alive. You can assert that no healer will do that -- that they will continue to spam heals because they can't risk not doing that -- and somehow gear up to never run out of mana anyway, but if that's the case then our entire healing and tanking model collapses, which should be some indication of how reluctant we would be to let that happen.