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#0 - 2010/05/03 09:54:28 PM
There are many cute pets in the the world of warcraft i cannot stop collecting them i currently have 88 soon be 90 once i get peanut and the wolvar pup.

But when i think what pets id like to see many idea spring to mind but my 2 favourite ones are a

Fel reaver pet
This tyrant has killed my main and many of my alts while leveling but he looks cool so id like one as a pet.

Abomination Pet.
In honor of the cute abomination's that are now replaced with stinky orcs.i have loved abomination because my first toon was a undead warrior i still stop by and say hello to the one in the sewers and some time bring a mug of tea and biscuits for him or her.

what pets would you liek to see?

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#16 - 2010/05/04 11:29:03 AM
Q u o t e:
Dogs. There are seven different kinds of cats, but no dogs.
Perky Pug!