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#0 - 2010/04/29 04:02:20 PM
Not all accounts are eligible to recruit a friend

Players with a World of Warcraft account from the following countries are able to use the "Recruit A Friend" service: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Belgium.

Dear Blizz, could I ask for list of countries that you tried to add? There is no list of countries you forgot that exist and no list of countries you know they exist, but you cant add them.

In arena tournament I have read time ago that some countries could not join tournament because of gambling law in those countries. - I need to say, that its a joke, very big and bad joke. In my country - Slovakia I dont know nothing about prohibitng competions such as this one. The only problem is to do lothery in my country without registration - but NO law in our country(as far as I know) prohibites to join lotery, gambling or anything else in foreign countries.
To pay monthly for a game or to buy in petshop is ok, but arena tournament, recruit a friend or joining other competions (picture drawing...) are a problem? That's no public lothery and I repeat - my country doesnt forid to join in lothery, competions in other country. The only prohibited thing is to join foreign army.

So please allow this Recruit a Friend to my and other countries, or at least create a list of countries who couldnt join because of law - and write what law is problem in each country.

Even law in many countries is changing - 12 countries joined Europe union in last 6 years and they needed to make their law compatible with EU. Has Blizzard checked the law status of these countries or law in these countries "prohibited" (I think it was never prohibited in my country) "recruit a friend" 10 years ago so why to checked it again?

I just want to know that Blizzard is carrying about his customers even in this part of this great game.

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#36 - 2010/04/30 08:36:18 PM
Forum search is your friend.

Just to note - we're not in the business of excluding people from Recruit-a-Friend out of spite or because we discriminate. It's purely based on regional laws and such, be it laws on the subject of Pyramid Schemes or other laws that forbid the Recruit-a-Friend model or an aspect of it. We won't list all countries and the reasons for their exclusion, but you can be assured that we've not had to make such exclusions for any reason other than legal ones.