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#0 - 2010/04/28 03:05:37 AM
Warriors are the ONLY tanking class singled out for not having a persistent unlimited-target AoE, and I can not for the life of me figure out why the devs seem so stubbornly stuck on not fixing this. Consecration, D&D, and Swipe-spam all provide a continuous stream of AoE threat. By themselves, neither D&D nor Consecration can hold mobs being dps'ed, but they do provide a threat lead if kill orders are set and followed.

Paladins are singled out with Forbearance: using one ability locks us out of several others. Paladins are also singled out as the ONLY tanking class with no gap-closer.

I don't know if Druids and/or Death Knights are punitively singled out for anything like these. Please let me know if they are. One way or the other, there is no good reason to deny one class an ability that is absolutely needed, and is the only class to not be able to do a certain thing.

Warriors absolutely can not truly AoE tank. They single target on as many mobs as they can cycle through. TC and SW have cd's that make them far too situational.

Warriors do need a persistent application of threat. GC, you have implied that that would ensure that mobs always stick to the tank no matter what? That is a foolishly erroneous statement. Consecration and D&D will not, by themselves, hold threat against any real attacks. Paladins and DK's lose tertiary targets all the time if dps hits them.

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#88 - 2010/04/30 07:04:59 AM
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That's not what GC is saying. From what he's said, I think he rather prefers the idea of creating priority targets that force kill orders and encourage the use of CC. The plan does not appear to be to emasculate tanks by making them incapable of AoE tanking.

From what I've read, I would expect AoE tanking to be about as easy to execute as it is today. The difference will likely be that it may be dangerous to attempt it in non-trivial content!

Combover's intuition here is pretty good.