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#0 - 2010/04/29 08:24:25 PM
Per GhostCrawler:
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I meant Intimidating Shout. Back before warriors had the AE tools that they had in LK, you used (or you should have at least) Intimidating Shout if things went wrong. The example up above was Thunder Clap was on cooldown and streaming adds were coming in and the tank was presumably losing control of the situation. Intimidating Shout could buy you some time to get things under control again. It could also make things worse if you weren't careful. I'm sad to hear people say they're too cautious to ever use it. It was a lot of fun.

Even if there were "No risk" of using this ability, I still don't understand how it does anything to help a PvE situation. I mean its odd I can see the chatter now:

- "O.k. guys I have 20 whelps on me, there are 10 more coming, and my TC is on CD. Don't worry I'll burn my Intimidating Shout."
- /cast intimidating shout
- "Well guys that did absolutely nothing because it just sent the 5 guys that I already had on me running away and the mobs that I wanted to hit just one-shotted our healers."

Perhaps he forgot that Intimidating Shout was capped to 5 mobs back in vanilla?

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#22 - 2010/04/30 06:56:45 AM
I know this has been a fun misquoting game, but here was the context:

Warrior 1: There is absolutely nothing I can do when Thunder Clap and Shockwave are on cooldown. If an add shows up, then it's going to be a wipe. Period.

Me: Come on, warriors tanked for years without today's version of Thunder Clap, and they somehow still managed just fine. Things are only easier today. If you find yourself completely out of tools and things are out of control and the mage has aggro, then blow an emergency cooldown like Intimidating Shout.

Warrior 2: GC says warriors should tank with Intimidating Shout! Ha! We caught him!

Warrior 3: No way. I would never ever use a fear. If Thunder Clap is on cooldown I'll just wipe instead.

I've seen some pretty overblown forum discussions, but this one is way up there.