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#0 - 2009/08/22 03:24:35 AM
wow, after reading the propsed changes I keep imaging how bad it's gonna get for priest healing in the next expansion. I mean we're way far away but some of the following just scare me.


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•Every healer class can now dispell magic, the niches will other debuffs

hrm.. so does that mean priests either get the shaft when it comes to poisons and curses or we get changed to match. I sure hope it's the 2nd. I guess for pvp, we'll be kind of screwed unless it's like defensive dispel only

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•MP5: This will be removed from items and replaced with Spirit. All healers will be given a meditation-like ability.
•Spell Power: Spell Power is being removed from items as well. Don't panic, we'll be improving Intellect so that it provides mana and Spell Power.
•Attack Power: We're removing Attack Power from items as well. Instead, we're allowing Agility to provide the necessary Attack Power for leather and mail wearers. Strength will provide the appropriate amount of Attack Power for plate wearers. This means leather and mail items will no longer be desirable for plate wearers.
•Defense: The Defense statistic is also being removed from items so that players no longer have to worry about juggling around "the cap." Tanks will receive the necessary anti-crit from talents, like Survival of the Fittest.
•Armor Penetration: This ability is too confusing and "mathy." It is being replaced with Mastery, a stat that makes you better at what you do. More on that later!
•Haste: Will also increase the rate at which you gain energy, runes, and focus. Retribution paladins and Enhancement shaman will have a talent that allows them to take advantage of this benefit.

sorry for the block quote but if you read all these together, it really feels like it's just gotten 4x harder to get a priest geared up since we won't have the itemization protection like the melee and we'll have to compete now for the exact same gear that a pally/shaman/druid and all caster dps will need while we can still only wear cloth.

We hopefully will get something extra to make us in line. Haste benefit melee more now with resource refresh and mastery w/e that is to counter our uhh nothing for us I guess yet but hoping for something.

I'm pretty sure there's gonna be alot of changes come actual game day and this is all rather early, but since priest healing didn't even get a wand from badges this last iteration, just wondering if we're falling off blizz's radar since the only known change for priest at this point is:

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•Shadow Priests will most likely get a nuke without cooldown in Cataclysm

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#113 - 2010/04/27 09:35:00 PM
The necro here is just confusing people I fear.