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#0 - 2010/04/26 06:34:18 PM
I doubt you guys at blizzard has released everything about cataclysm raiding, but why only release info that will upset the 25man raiding community who still like the feel of big epic raids and want to aquire the best possible gear?
What will the reward for gathering all ppl required for a 25man raid be, what will be the "carrot" for bothing with applications and DKP?

Legendarys, mounts or titles?

I can give you 10 reasons not to go 25man and another 10 why 25 man raids feels more "epic", but will the few ppl with a strong leadership realy want to go through the effort for it?
This change, in my opinion, will only make the gap greater between less skilled and skilled players if there will be no extra reward for 25man raiding.

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#10 - 2010/04/26 06:55:19 PM
Please continue this discussion in this existing sticky thread on the subject: