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#1 - 2011/06/13 10:21:00 PM
I realized that all pvpers do is complain. Seriously that's all you do.

Most of the time you complain about these things.

x comp is OP when my comp is week and takes SKILLZ to play

x class is OP but my class takes SKILL Z to play

This game is unbalanced. Fix it.

I don't want to do RBG's.

My class really needs a buff

Dks are OP

Mages are OP

Paladins are OP

Hunters suck

Rogues are OP

Shamans are OP

Druids are OP

Priests are OP

Warlocks suck (Even tho they're like in half the top 3s teams, clearly a l2p issue for most of you)

Warriors are OP

Honor is hard to grind.

PvP is boring.

This is from reading the Arena and RBG forums for about 5 minutes. All you guys do is complain about other classes / comps because you always think everyone else has the upper hand and your nerfed to the ground. I have never seen a forum so full with the biggest bunch of QQ crying children in my life.

Now please everyone, if your going to jump onto the forums because you just got killed make sure you learn to play first. There is a such thing as a counter class and don't QQ when somebody obviously out played you.

Oh and btw. Thanks for crying so much that your QQ makes PvE a bit more stupid when they nerf something. Good going. Just because your "to pro" and "pve is faceroll even tho you have never tried it and you got your KS title 2 months after cata launch it doesn't actually make you better than anyone.

TL DR = If your going to keep QQing because something killed you why don't you just go play a proper PvP game instead so you can test your skills in a balanced environment instead of coming onto these forums crying your eyes out because you suck.


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#50 - 2011/08/18 10:44:00 AM
Please refrain from reviving old threads.