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#1 - 2011/08/17 08:38:00 PM
Seriously Blizz?


If you hate gnomes so much why don't you just delete us, I mean we're obviously just the joke around the office race you don't really care about.

1. You let the Trolls get their island back, we don't get our city back.

2. All gnome characters in the game are comic relief, their aren't any gnome heroes just gnomes who screw up and can't be taken seriously.

3. You endorse (By not deleting) all of these gnome punting threads and gnome eating threads.

4. and this latest insult with a Darkmoon faire game about gnomes getting whacked on the head. Why couldn't it be "Whack-a-Goblin", or "Whack-a-Dwarf", or even "Whack-a-Troll"?

No it had to be gnome. Well this gnome dislikes being just a joke character.

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#32 - 2011/08/17 11:34:00 PM
It's Whack-A-Gnoll.