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#1 - 2011/08/10 03:20:00 AM
(I was told this was the place to post this suggestion.)

Recently WOW developers decided to have all quest tracking disabled on logout. I asked a gm and was told that this was due to the quest tracker trying to track quests outside of the zone I'm in.

This makes no sense to me. Either way I have to manage my quests myself, only now the system fails to remember what I was tracking when I logged out. I know of only a few ways to handle quests in one zone when I'm thinking of moving to another.

1) ignore them until the quest log fills up and I have to delete them.
2) delete them once I'm sure I'm not going back.
3) finish the quests I accepted or finish the zone if that's my plan.

I don't understand what benefit I get from having all the tracking on all my quests removed when I log out. This only means that now I have to enable any quest I want to track every time I log back on. That's a pain.

Simple fix: Allow the option to track quests only in the current zone or to track outside the zone as well.

Tracking outside the zone is nice if you're on long flights, saves a little time flying and you don't have to keep checking the map to see if you're on track.

Another possible solution - add an option at the end of each zone name in the quest log to track all those quest or disable only those quests, sort of like the expanding menu in the professions windows.

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions.

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#4 - 2011/08/16 12:35:00 AM
This is a known bug for which we have a fix lined up in patch 4.2.2. This bug also affects other UI elements, such as your saved role and collapsed headers for quests, reputations, etc.