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#1 - 2011/07/07 05:15:00 PM

With Season 9 recently passed, new PvP rewards distributed, and Season 10 now underway, we’d like to remind everyone about the importance of fair play. To be clear, cheating is not tolerated in World of Warcraft, and exploitation of ranked PvP play is no exception. Before distributing rewards to the top performers in Season 9, we conducted a thorough sweep looking for any players or teams that were clearly attempting to manipulate the ladder system. These players were dealt with accordingly and did not receive any undue rewards. It’s important to note, however, that there are many cases where it may appear that players have manipulated the system, when they in fact were legitimately competing like most everyone else. We not only want to make sure our actions are comprehensive – we must make sure they’re accurate.

That said, we’ll continue to ensure fair play is taking place going forward, and will be implementing changes to our matchmaking rating system soon to resolve this type of ladder system manipulation.