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#0 - 2010/04/19 05:10:33 PM
Is it just me, or are there anyone else that also cannot reply to the class preview of the pala?

Anyways. It might be fun having the Crusader Strike in the levelling of a pala, but to add that ability to increase the levelling experience is not needed. I have never had an easier and faster levelling experience than with paladins.

No matter what spec, the suriviability is just INSANE...pull one too many mobs, oops make that two...or just FOUR!! No problem, heal, damage, heal, heal, heal, damage..........all mobs dead, half mana.

I really think it's time to nerf the pala a bit.
Compared to other classes it does tank VERY good and has loads more regen (healt regeneration) than other tankingclasses. In retri-spec it can compete with all the other classes in both single-target aswell as multitarget with no problems, and still if in trouble a pala can heal, make him/herself immune, add to healing a bit..etc...etc...
As a holy it certainly has the largest heals and perform great. Only is as mentioned maybe not the best party healer, but who really cares. It's all about raiding and the party runs still runs smoothly enough.

Now with the aoe damage/blind ability, it will be even more frustrating fighting paladins.
I would not classify the pala as TOTALLY overpowered, as it is not, but it's still not equally balanced to the other classes. It just isn't.

Anyways, sounds like many nice features and good changes.
Looking forward to playing my new pala in cataclysm.

As a sidenote...please consider making the palagear in the future look a bit more castlike, more is a manaclass no matter is too close to the warrior...and the warrior has to look more primitive...more viking-like.

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#7 - 2010/04/20 09:54:50 AM
Extended the post cap limit in the class preview preview thread. You can now post there again :-)