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#0 - 2010/04/19 12:56:18 AM
I have a 68 warlock with mostly blues and a few epics, and i love pvp.
But whenever I look at the DPS charts in bg i can see that im about half down :( whereas other locks, same level, are top of the charts. I am destro specced and hit around 3k on crits. I want to own in pvp but feel like i don't know how to play the class so well.
If I could get a good rotation of what curses to use and how to be a warlock, that would be great,
And how to survive against warriors/rogues, since they are my top fears in bg and can 1 hit me at chance.
Any help?

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#1 - 2010/04/19 01:32:50 PM
Hello Airey,

Your question is better suited to the Warlock forums, since you will get more responses there, so let me move your post there.