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#0 - 2010/04/18 09:38:16 PM
Here's a question to all of the rogues out there.
I have a level 66 rogue, with all epic gear and enchants and when she hits 69 I want her to be absolutely remarkable at pvp.
She has duel spec of subelty and mutilate. I just purchased the 1k for mutilate spec and have grown very used to relying on stealth/ambush because of subelty.
Whenever I spec to mutilate, I have no idea how to be mutilate and what attacks to use!
If I could get a simple reply on how to rotate my attacks to absolutely own in bg, that would be great!
And how i can not rely on stealth so much when in subelty!

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#1 - 2010/04/18 09:42:41 PM
Hello Rabellant,

I would ask in the Rogue forums...

Or I could just move your post to there, so I'll do that now.