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#0 - 2010/04/16 02:14:59 AM
You all beg for a taste of new information and promise you won't freak out that it is still in the planning stages then when they finally give us SOMETHING you all go ape #*#*.

These are not ALL the changes the classes are getting, they probably aren't even all the major changes. They delayed Paladin a week because they didn't have enough to share. So I imagine there is still a LOT more to be done.

Some are saying the Prot Warriors got the shaft. We don't know anything. Between now and launch there is a TON of beta testing and number balancing to do, you can be sure there is going to be a lot of work done to Warriors and tank balance in general.

Chill out... The more you freak out like children the less information they will give us in the future. If we didn't melt down like this I am sure the development process would be a lot more open.

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#71 - 2010/04/17 02:41:19 AM
We want feedback. We just want something constructive that we can actually discuss. Dire predictions about how your class is doomed because of a change we might make, or how we're so likely to bungle any change so we're better off doing nothing aren't very useful.